How Is The Light Consumption Measured?

The variable term of the electricity bill is measured and is represented on the invoice, in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The amount of kWh that a property consumes during the billing period will be the higher amount that the client must pay and that, together with the fixed term, the taxes and the rent of the meter, make up the electricity bill.

How Much Is Light Consumption Normal In A House?

It is always advisable for the user to know the consumption of light in their home, especially since it will help them to decide which energy tariff is better for their supply and will help them to save on the electricity bill.

However, it is possible that sometimes it is not possible to know this data accurately and can only be estimated through a consumption estimate or is calculated by the consumer. For this second case, you need to know three fundamental aspects of it:

  1. The electrical equipment of the house.
  2. The contracted power used by each of them.
  3. The time of use of them.