Plumber or Electrician

We cam across this picture today and thought it would make for a good post. Even in today’s political climate, we guess that Facebook is good for something. This one made us chuckle.

But seriously! Who would you call. As professional electricians, we’d like you to call us. But then we might be calling the plumber after we arrive!

Which brings up the other side of this when we discuss this very topic with young people; plumber or electrician?

Below is a very informative video about such a topic that we felt many would find useful.

So when you are faced with the decision as to whether to call the electrician or the plumber or to determine if you want to pursue either field as a career, there are many things to consider.

Contrary to stereotypes of both, there is a lot of money to be made in each profession; especially if you own the company and know how to make it grow.

It is not uncommon for a plumbing or electrical company to have started from scratch and grown to hundreds of employees and trucks. It happens all over America where a skilled and hard working craftsmen grows his business from the ground up and exceeds all expectations.

This happens all over. These companies started with a good work ethic and concept and grew slowly over time while hiring smart ambitious workers who wanted to learn the business and be a part of a family owner and operated company.

If you want to learn more about the electrician industry and how you can build your own, refer to many of the online resources on YouTube, etc. to learn more.

This was just a brief article to give you a laugh and get you thinking about what to do in an emergency either at the home or in your career choice.

Both will work so call one and go from there.

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