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Here's another way to make your holiday magical!  SANTA CLAUS is coming to town!Santa and Mrs. Claus are available to visit you! Corporate events, public holiday celebrations, daycares.  Authentic, warm, and child-friendly!

During the month of December, we make visits to daycares, preschools, private homes, corporate functions, company parties, restaurant and hotel "Breakfast with Santa" events, and anywhere else the Clauses are invited. Santa and Mrs. Claus brighten the lives of everyone they touch. Just another aspect of Holiday Magic!

Most often, we're asked to distribute gifts that are provided by the organization or the children's parents.  In cases where gifts are not given, we provide a candy cane for every child.  Those who experience the "magic" of the Clauses never connect us with our true magical personas!  A child can see Santa and Mrs. Claus in December, then later on see one of our magic shows--and they never, ever realize we're the same people.

Visits vary in length, from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, or longer if necessary.  Pricing varies according to length of visit; mileage may be additional.  For corporate functions, public events and company parties we can also, for an extra charge, bring in a full setting to really make your children's Visit with Santa EXTRA-SPECIAL.  (Example setting depicted below.  An area at least 8' wide x 6' deep is needed, with electricity nearby; plus an hour and a half for set-up and preparation.) 

Complete Santa set-up, pictured at a library (books not included!).  Garlands, trees and wreaths light up.  What a beautiful photo opportunity for your child!
"Thank you again for the incredible Christmas party.  You are the perfect Mr. and Mrs. Claus!"
Goodall Memorial Library, Sanford, ME

"Thanks for being part of another extremely successful tree lighting event!  The effort you take to bring Santa and Mrs. Claus to Gorham is wonderful and we appreciate every detail you put into it.  Your stage set up is perfect.  I have appreciated the most, however, your patience with and attention to the stories and looks of wonder of so many children over the last few years.  These kids have had a chance to experience the true spirit of Kris Kringle with you.  I have never seen you shorten a visit or hurry a child along, and when you have over 200 children to meet with each year, that's an accomplishment in itself!...Thanks for your willingness to climb up on the back of a Ladder Fire Truck with Mrs. Claus and ride into the tree lighting area and magically light our tree from high atop the truck, a real 'hocus pocus' display of entertainment!  We have enjoyed your seasonal visits and plan to continue to invite you to 'star' in our tree lighting events in the future!" 
Cindy Hazelton, Gorham Parks & Recreation Dept., Gorham, ME

"Thank you so much for making the day an overwhelming success!!  I don't know how it could have been any better!!!  You were absolutely fabulous!  I would recommend you to anyone anytime!!"
Citibank, South End Financial Center, Boston, MA

"You are by far and large the most professional Santa team I have seen.  The time you spent with the children was just right.  Your gentleness with the little skeptics was always much appreciated.  Happy holidays to you and yours."  Stay n' Play Childcare, Yarmouth, ME

"Everyone who came in loved you both!  I am so grateful for you to be willing to come to the library, it made the children and adults smile.  You are both still being talked about!  If you are willing, I would love to have to come again next year." 
 Waterboro Public Library, East Waterboro, ME

"All of our associates have been very pleased with the time and attention that Santa gives each child.  His genuine interest, gentle style and 'authenticity' immediately put the children at ease.  We have also appreciated the fact that Santa doesn't rush with each child in order to squeeze them in during his allotted hour.  In each of the past two years, he has stayed a little beyond his scheduled time in order to give full attention to each child.  This year, in fairness to Santa, we have booked him for two hours!!  Other qualities that we have appreciated are Santa's timeliness, authenticity of his costume, and the generous spirit."
 Cole-Haan, Yarmouth, ME
"I would like to highly recommend the Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus that was provided by Almodarr's Grand Illusion for the week-long engagement at the Windham Mall.  I have used their services many times since then and find them to be very professional and VERY believable as children's entertainers.  They enchant the adults as well as the children and are extremely dependable people.  They have never failed to be a total crowd pleaser!"   Port Star Productions, Portland, ME

"You two are the very best Santa team we've ever had!"  Children's Discovery Center, Windham, ME

We have brought Santa and Mrs. Claus to dozens of other childcare facilities in Southern Maine, as well as the Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth and several other corporate and private venues.


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